Messori on Church Unrest: Many Are Concerned But Christ Won’t Leave His Church

In this recent post, I remarked at how scandalous it is that the Church agenda, specifically the appalling Amazonian instrumentum laboris, are so diametrically opposed to the Catholic faith, that leading cardinals feel compelled to speak out against it publicly.

To create an atmosphere where princes of the Church are this uneasy with what is being taught and promoted seems to place Pope Francis well outside any considered via media, and on a definite path in a single direction - away from the settled teaching of Christ and towards some kind of "world religion". Certainly Papal sycophants consider Pope Francis is on some great mission to change the Church:
Galleys (otherwise known as "uncorrected proofs") of #WoundedShepherd are here from the publishers @HenryHolt. This early version is being sent to reviewers, endorsers etc. Book goes on sale November 5, when I am in U.S. for a fortnight of talks & lectures. Details to follow. — Aust…

Catholicism in Ireland

Fr. Declan from Derry tweeted this this morning:
I give up! — Fr. Declan McGeehan (@DMacGaoithin) September 16, 2019 I honestly thought it was a mickey take. No Catholic could be this wrong, surely? So I looked it up on Facebook. You can too. I took a screenshot, incredulous:

This must be a parody account? I checked out the "about" page. Seems legit. The profile pic is the Bishop of Limerick Brendan Leahy who also features on the FB page, which is very Pope Francis (which make sense).

Not surprising Ireland is in so much trouble!

Prestigious priests, Italian journalists and activists speak out against Francis.

Another tour de force in all respects from Michael Matt in my opinion.

Liberal can never be liberal enough...

Vatican tells German Bishops they've exceeded their authority. Completely unsurprisingly, news broke this morning that the German Church appears to have broken with Rome:
"German bishops revolt against Rome" — The diocese of Regensburg published on Saturday an alternative draft statute to the synodal way, one that reportedly corresponded to the #Pope's wishes, but it was rejected by the German bishops' conference permanent council by 21 to 3 votes — Edward Pentin (@EdwardPentin) September 14, 2019 What's happened is this:

On Sept. 4, Cardinal Marc Ouellet, Prefect of the Congregation for Bishops, wrote to Cardinal Marx as head of the German bishops’ conference, expressing concerns at the German plans to form a Synodal Assembly as part of the “binding process” announced by Marx earlier this year.

The letter was accompanied by a four-page legal assessment of the German plans by the Pontifical Commission for Legislative Texts, which expr…

Cardinali: Amazonian Synod Challenges the Deposit of Faith

Two Cardinals go public over Amazonian Synod problems, how many have the same misgivings but choose to keep them to themselves? CNA reports Cardinal Burke and Cardinal Brandmüller (pictured above) have sent letters to fellow members of the College of Cardinals, raising concerns about the working document for an upcoming synod of bishops on the pan-Amazonian region scheduled to take place in Rome, Oct. 6-27.

This fact alone is scandalous in my opinion. That these two brave cardinali are isolated to this point is a grave scandal for the universal Church. It raises concerns about unity and a systematic rejection of doctrine by Pope Francis and his supporters which cannot go unchallenged.

CNA report reports some of the content as follows:

“Some points of the synod’s Instrumentum laboris seem not only in dissonance with respect to the authentic teaching of the Church, but even contrary to it,” Cardinal Walter Brandmüller wrote to fellow cardinals in an Aug. 28 letter obtained by CNA.

“The …

Pope Francis: "I'm not afraid of schism"

Pope Francis + Plane = Pain.

This public comment from Msgr Pope, a much read and well loved priest of the Arch Diocese of Washington, was prompted by the Pope's latest plane comments on his journey home from Africa. As a son abandoned by a father who chose immorality over paternal duties, I recognise the tone of these comments - they are as a wounded child to his father, trying to understand the abandonment.

I sense this is a feeling millions of Catholics are feeling as this papacy rages on, seemingly completely unstoppable. Pope Francis' rampage appears all powerful, with no one even interested in commenting. This always strikes me as a stark contrast with Pope Benedict XVI, who, it is told once exclaimed to Bishop Fellay who seized the opportunity to remind the Pope that he is the Vicar of Christ, possessed of the authority to take immediate measures to end the crisis in the Church on all fronts. The Pope replied thus: “My authority ends at that door.” (Castel Gondolfo Augu…

Encouraging Children in Spiritual Pursuits

I know your deeds, that you are neither cold nor hot. I wish you were either one or the other! So, because you are lukewarm—neither hot nor cold—I am about to spit you out of my mouth. You say, ‘I am rich; I have acquired wealth and do not need a thing.’ But you do not realize that you are wretched, pitiful, poor, blind and naked. ~ Rev 3:15-17 As a father and in my role as a parish catechist for many years, I have found that young people quickly reject anything inauthentic and long for authenticity. I suppose it has long been demonstrated that young people especially are looking for a "peg" on which to hang their identity. An essential part of being a parent is ensuring that the environment which forms them is a positive rather than a negative one. My own experience of youth ministry is that it tends to appeal to a certain kind of young person. It can be very clicky and if you don't fit in, you are quickly put on the outside and a very worthy "spiritual" reas…