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A wonderful opportunity to deepen your faith...

The wonderful School of the Annunciation, at Buckfast Abbey in Devon, UK, are now booking students in for their Autumn Courses in the faith. 
The School affords an unprecedented opportunity to study in a beautiful, prayerful, Catholic environment, experiencing the ebb and flow of the liturgical day with the monks as well as their legendary Benedictine hospitality. 
Book now to avoid disappointment!

Faith can make you walk on water.

Something I think is central to real discipleship is efficacy. I remember my main question about the faith growing up was "what does it actually do?", in other words, what's the point of believing the faith? No one ever explained it to me & I really had to find out for myself.

Perhaps the process begins with the Kerygma, what Pope St John Paul II defines in Catechesi Tradendae as 'the initial ardent proclamation by which a person is one day overwhelmed and brought to the decision to entrust himself to Jesus Christ by faith' and this can be summed up in ten seconds as Scott Hahn does in Evangelizing Catholics, p.119:
‘It takes exactly ten seconds to proclaim the Gospel: (1) God loves you; (2) we have sinned; (3) Christ has died for our sins and risen from the dead; and (4) we have to respond to those gifts by faith.’ Our response in faith is the challenging bit, but honestly these days I'm not finding it so hard, because I have learned, difficultly, painfu…