Holysmoke - Parallels between Cardinal Pell & Carl Beech

Given the current anti-religious climate, it is well worth investing a few minutes listening to this Holy Smoke Podcast which looks at the disturbing conviction here in Britain of Carl Beech, for inventing a non-existent Westminster sex ring in which VIPs supposedly raped and murdered children. He found a disgracefully gullible audience in the Metropolitan Police.

Beech’s serial lies were designed to destroy the lives or posthumous reputations of Lord Bramall, former head of the British Army, Sir Edward Heath, former PM, Lord Brittan, former home secretary, ex-Tory MP Harvey Proctor and Lord Janner, the late Labour politician.

Beech has been jailed for 18 years. Journalist Catherine Lafferty, who was in court for his trial, talks to Thompson about the troubling parallels with the conviction of Cardinal Pell, former head of the Vatican finances, for child rape.

This is legally sensitive territory – Pell is appealing against his the unanimous verdict of a Melbourne jury – and so the di…

Catholics Don't Believe in the Real Presence

There has been a new Pew Research study released. It pertains to Catholics in the US and contains some shocking truths which I would argue are as relevant to the UK & Europe as they are to the US:
Only 31% of Catholics personally believe that the Eucharist is the body and blood of Jesus Christ. 69% - more than two thirds - of US Catholics believe it is a symbol. What makes this study different is that they also asked if people understand what the Church's actual teaching was. It is revealing that 22% of US Catholics know what the Church teaches and reject it, while an additional 43% of Catholics both believe that the Eucharist is symbolic and that that is what the Church actually teaches (i.e. they are confused).

And there's a real stunner: only 63% of those who attend Mass once a week or more believe that the Eucharist is the body and blood of Jesus Christ!

The Catechism of the Catholic Church, citing Lumen Gentium n.11 teaches
"The Eucharist is "the source an…


Yesterday was the annual Pride march in London.

It's becoming increasingly clear that more and more people are waking up to see what Pride actually is.
I have a problem with this - at London Pride.
What would a young girl see here? And what do I see?
Many people I suppose would way it's all fine. I really don't think it is. — MGadd (@Sparrlyten) July 6, 2019 You shall know them by their fruits. — Caroline Farrow (@CF_Farrow) July 6, 2019 In First Things, Ed Condon makes some good points. He begins by explaining the root of the problem; a subjectivism which reduces moral acts to individual freedom and choice:
Unmoored from concepts like Natural Law—which provided a common societal bedrock in previous centuries—the true, the good, and the right are now adrift, blown by the ever-stronger winds of legal positivism into whatever harbor awaits them. For a growing number of people, the Supreme Court’s decisions now make moral…

Catholic Church Status Report

I think this interview between Michael Voris & Patrick Coffin is a must watch because it gives a "real" reaction to what is going on in the Church from two people who are "inside" in that they watch and investigate and report on it every day. Some really important insights.

I don't think things are this bad here in the UK if I'm honest. I do believe there is a demonic influence in the episcopacy in the US; the degree of abuse, collusion & cover-up that has gone on is more than could be possible under a gang of well-meaning but bungling bishops, there's some darker genius driving it and you can see how it links up.

Here I honestly believe it is ineptitude and fear. The bishops are terrified of prosecution by the authorities, they're terrified of the laity and public finding out about the cover-ups that have gone on over the years and they are content to be concerned and preoccupied with their own petty concerns and not to look at the bigger …

Corpus Christi

This blog is subtitled:
“It is written,  ‘My house shall be called a house of prayer’; but you are making it a den of robbers.” We had a beautiful Corpus Christi procession on Sunday in Leigh-on-Sea, Deo gratias!

The Church was fairly full, but really one would hope that the whole Parish family would turn out to this event. Indeed, Father Kevin has expressed his own sadness that this is not the case in his homilies leading up to the feast. As my wife expressed it, a large part of the congregation is made up o

Cardinal Nichols at the Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse

The Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse has published it's report into Birmingham Archdiocese.

This report is extremely important because it involves Cardinal Nichols.
We've published our report on child sexual abuse (CSA) within the Archdiocese of Birmingham.

Part of the #CatholicInvestigation, it investigates the response of the Archdiocese of Birmingham to CSA by examining 4 case studies.

1/ — InquiryCSA (@InquiryCSA) June 20, 2019 Since the mid 1930s, there have been over 130 allegations of child sexual abuse made against no fewer than 78 individuals associated with the Archdiocese - many of them priests and deacons.

2/4 — InquiryCSA (@InquiryCSA) June 20, 2019 It finds that the response of the then Archbishop of Birmingham, Vincent Nichols - now a Cardinal, was “misplaced and missed the point”, by choosing to defend the reputation of the chu…

Fr. Rosica resigns from Smoke & Litigation

You may recall the scandal surrounding the strange priest Fr Thomas Rosica from February. Rosica has become notorious for threatening a blogger who dared to question his pro-homosexual agenda. Rosica has been on sabbatical since March for “several months of rest and renewal.”

He has now announced he has resigned as CEO of Salt & Light Smoke & Litigation Catholic Media Foundation almost four months after his massive plagiarism became public knowledge.

When the scandal first broke, Rosica seemed both to apologise for copying the work of others and to blame interns and others for sending him the quotes without proper attribution. However, as the weeks wore on, it became clear that several of Rosica’s works, including newspaper columns, speeches, and books, were “patch written,” combining passages from several writers, sometimes with words omitted or moved around, which made detection more difficult. Some plagiarism dates back over 30 years, long before the founding of Salt and L…