A Summary of The Week...

Some incredible things going on this week - Steve summarises it better than I can in this short video, especially the ridiculous new proposal from the useless Catholic Bishops of England & Wales!

Tagle is interesting. He is largely reported as being a problematic liberal but I think it is important that we avoid guilt by association.

Cardinal Tagle is a seriously respected theologian (unlike Pope Francis's chosen personal theological adviser and scribe (Archbishop Víctor Manuel “Tucho” Fernández), appointed to the International Theological Commission under Cardinal Ratzinger's Presidency, consecrated bishop by Pope St John Paul II, archbishop by Pope Benedict XVI who then created him Cardinal. He did not not abuse their trust in him. Some commentators are suggesting he has been an advocate for and on behalf of the position that divorced and civilly remarried Catholics should be admitted to Holy Communion. The fact is that he offered a cautious opinion that whether or not…

Pastor receives death threats & is hounded out of job by LGBT mob rule

This is my friend Keith. Keith has been a "Twitter friend" for years now. He's far from radical or inciteful, I've always thought of him as a nice, regular Christian guy. He upholds Christian principles like the right to life and we often exchange tweets about pro-life issues. He's on-side, one of the good guys - thoroughly uncontroversial it has always seemed to me.

Back in June he tweeted the above, like many of us, concerned about the mainstreaming of morally problematic activity and the indoctrination of children by this sexual agenda.

Keith had copied a tweet from Bishop Thomas Tobin of Providence, Rhode Island, (not "nighty-nighty baby", the other one) reminding Christians not to "support or attend LGBTQ 'Pride Month' events held in June." He may even have picked up my own re-tweet and copied it (as an Evangelical Christian, probably best not to re-tweet Catholic hierarchy I suppose was his thinking).
Anyway, as Church Militant

London Bridge Terror Attack - Ignoring the Problem

On November 29th London suffered another terror attack at the hands of an Islamic Jihadi - a fact which seems carefully omitted from every report on the incident. Usman Khan attack began at 13:58 GMT inside Fishmongers' Hall. Fishmonger Company chief executive Toby Williamson had this to say about the incident:

We now know that Khan was arrested on terrorism charges in 2010. After serving eight years in prison, he was released on parole. On November 29, the convicted terrorist went on a stabbing spree. The London Bridge terror attack ended with Khan and two others dead.
The resultant outcry in the context of a General Election campaign in the UK has led to the expected calls for locking up terrorists and throwing away they key, the death penalty.
"What the few who seek to spread fear do not realise is that it only makes the rest of us more steadfast."

Commissioner Cressida Dick has written for the @EveningStandard following the #LondonBridge attack last week.

Read more…

On Married Priests

This from The Remnant, is a must read:
MARRIED PRIESTS? (In Defense of Ecclesiastical Celibacy)Written by   Rate this item
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The Synod on the Amazon had among its main goals the abolition of ecclesiastical celibacy. The road, indeed the highway, is now paved. Pope Francis will define it in his Post-Synodal Exhortation, which is foreseen to be issued before the end of 2019. In the concluding document of the Synod, the paragraph on married priests is the one that received the greatest number of opposing votes (128 placet vs. 41 non placet). The path that is being indicated is not that of so-called viri probati, married men who are ordained priests without leaving their families, but that of permanent deacons, that is, married men who have received the first grade of Holy Orders, which gives them the possibility of being ordained as priests. We read in paragraph 111 of the chapter on Synodal Conversion: “Many of the ecclesial communities of …

One Pervert Too Far?

Do you recall Zanchetta The Pope's best buddy from Argentina who he made a bishop bypassing all canonical procedure in 2013?

Well he now has an international arrest warrant on his head for multiple sexual assaults on young men. The Vatican claims they were only made aware of these assaults a few months ago, but Associated Press heard back in January from Zanchetta's former Vicar General that the Vatican actually received information in 2015 and 2017 that an Argentine bishop close to Pope Francis had taken naked selfies, exhibited “obscene” behaviour and had been accused of misconduct with seminarians.

Our Pope does love a pervert, doesn't he? There's a huge list of perverts he has promoted, just think about Archbishop Vincenzo Paglia painting his own bare bum in his church mural, or Francesco Coccopalmerio's cocaine fuelled gay orgies at the VaticanJames Martin, Thomas Rosica, Cardinal "nighty-night baby" Tobin, McCarrick, Ricca, Barros, the list really …

CAFOD's Seamless Garment

In the wake of the USCCB's re-affirmation of the pre-eminence of the issue of abortion in our society I have to say I was really sickened to find no mention of this issue in CAFOD's newly released Guide for Catholic Voters.

The article begins with this comment from Daniel Hale, Head of Campaigns at CAFOD, who says:
“The idea of having to go the polling station on the way back from our Christmas shopping isn’t something that will fill many of us with festive joy.

“But an election is one of the most valuable opportunities we have to bring the voices of our poorest sisters and brothers to people in power – making sure that they are not an ‘afterthought’, as Pope Francis has warned.
“Brexit is bound to dominate this election, but we need to make sure that the candidates asking for our votes are reminded that politics has to also focus on the other critical issues we face in our common home.” The article continues to state four especially important election issues to raise with ca…

Vincent Cardinal Nichols Pressurised Bishops into Abuse Silence to Protect Pope Francis

At the weekend, the Catholic Heraldreported that 'LGBT Masses' Return to Britain. The story reports that
Masses for the LGBT community have returned to Britain, almost seven years after Archbishop Vincent Nichols ended them in Westminster The article goes on:
there has clearly been a shift since 2012, when Archbishop Nichols (who has since been made a cardinal) said that, while it was important to give pastoral care to “people with same-sex attraction”, the Mass was a “universal” event and so it should not be restricted to a particular group. He also implied that Catholic sexual teaching was at odds with the beliefs of some LGBT activists. This is not accurate however, as Cardinal Nichols had no intention of stopping the Masses, he simply moved the venue. You can read my full report on the consistent furthering of the LGBT agenda by the Cardinal from 2015 here.

The Herald picked up this story from Lifesite's report which I commented on and linked to here. It tells the sor…