Michelle Obama's Speech Could Cost the Democrat's Dear

I am reading a lot of comments on the internet from U.S. Democrat supporters who are shocked and bewildered by Michelle Obama's tacit endorsement for abortion. I am used to hearing, reading and listening to Republican rhetoric with regard to Obama's position on abortion, but it is really difficult to argue that Michelle Obama's speech does anything other than state bare-facedly that "My husband stands for promoting abortion". Her exact words in the context that only worsens the fact of what she said to my mind, were:
"...he [my husband] believes that women are more than capable of making our own choices about our bodies and our health care. “That’s what my husband stands for.”

Lifesite News have a report here.

A couple of examples of the comments I've read regarding this:

"My heart bleeds in thinking Obama is for abortion! My family is Democratic and never knew the Democratic's approve abortion. This makes me want to vomit."

"I was raised Catholic and followed my parents in being a Democratic. My parents in a million years would never condone to abortion ! What has this world turn into?All I can say prayer That this will be stopped!"
One has to wonder if this is a bridge too far for Catholic Democrats?

I think most people in the UK struggle to understand staunch American Republicanism, like the 'Tea Party', Sarah Palin, or George Bush. I really struggle to understand the support that still exists for G. W. Bush in the U.S.A., I know he was a 'good ole' boy', but he struck me as reactionary and broadly inept. I am prepared to accept that this may be due to a picture painted for me by the British media, I am also aware that the prevalent ideology throughout the UK education system promotes a neo-Marxist pedagogy. I am even willing to go so far as say the right here in this country needs intellectual renewal.

Perhaps these things go some way to explaining why I was so excited when Obama took over the Presidency, and why I like him, why I thought he would be good for America and why I like Michelle too! I thought it was a key change when America elected an African American to the Presidency. I thought it would make a real difference to the self esteem of young black Americans, I could not see this as being anything other than a positive thing. I also though Obama was intelligent and capable. I have foster a deep disquiet about the slanderous insults levelled at him with regards to his birth, religion, where his loyalties lie, etc.

But I cannot equivocate over such a fundamentally important issue. I understand that we should not base our political decisions on one issue, I understand that as a faithful Catholic, the kind of society I would like to see is virtually unobtainable, but reading a post by a friend today I was reminded that, as Mother Teresa of Calcutta taught us, we are not called to victory, but to faithfulness. If we are faithful, God will deliver the victory in His way. Thus I can no longer support a representative who so ardently condones a practice I find myself fundamentally opposed to for so many intellectual, social, moral and philosophical reasons.

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