Cardinal O'Brien and Liberal Fascism

Cardinal O'Brien with the boys and I.

Look how homosexual lobbyists Stonewall demonstrate their tolerance.

Harold Wilson once made a speech against extremists 'including extreme so-called moderates' - the context was different but the argument is as valid now as it was then.

I've met Cardinal O'Brien, he ordained my friend Fr. Dominic O'Toole at St. Mary's in Clapham. He is personable, brilliant, generous with his time and spirit, not at all haughty or self important, very accessible and CATHOLIC. Cardinal O'Brien is OK too (—Sorry, couldn't resist!). Apparently he has made an interesting journey in his own life from a rather relaxed faith to one that focuses more on the essential truths of Catholic teaching. Today that is evident in the fact that he is not afraid to stand up and be counted. Priests and people love him.

When the good Cardinal 'won' this ridiculous award, Ruth Davidson MSP (the Conservative leader in Scotland) won politician of the year for her support of gay marriage. She took the opportunity to criticise Stonewall in her acceptance speech for having the 'bigot' award, and for her trouble she was roundly booed.

A spectacular own goal by Stonewall, as demonstrated by the public poll of Sunday Morning Live today. People are starting to recognise the bullying agenda at the heart of this organisation which claims to stand up for tolerance and equality.

Another quintessentially Scottish angle revolves around potential damage because here the word 'bigotry' is strongly associated with sectarian and religious hatred rather than any other kind. This means that Stonewall will be seen in some quarters as having chosen a side in that pathetic, but dangerous, division. The Scottish Catholic Observer notes that equality and tolerance are in short supply for Scottish Catholics. John Deighan, the Scottish bishops’ parliamentary officer, has accused leading LGBT campaigners—including a Scottish MSP of—‘intolerance and intimidation.’ Mr Deighan has also charged ‘gay rights’ charity Stonewall of displaying stridency and aggression with its ‘Bigot of the Year’ award, created to intimidate anyone who criticises their agenda, which is aimed squarely at dismantling marriage—the bedrock of our family-orientated society.

First Minister Alex Salmond said Stonewall was wrong to describe Cardinal O'Brien as a bigot.
But the Scottish government has ruled out cutting funding for the charity. Mr Salmond said: "Stonewall were clearly wrong to describe Scotland's cardinal in these terms, and in any case should reflect on whether pejorative titles like this do anything to enhance their cause."

Homosexuality is not a race, in fact it is demeaning to talk about homosexual persons in such limiting terms. Our sexuality is one facet of our complicated make-up, not the defining element. As such, Cardinal O'Brien should be allowed to criticise certain sexual choices in the interests of the individuals who make them. The Church also criticises sex outside marriage and adultery for the same reasons and please God it will continue to do so.

The (non-Catholic) religio-political blogger Cranmer has this to say:
By giving the award to Cardinal Keith O'Brien, Stonewall deem the free expression of religious conviction and Christian theological tradition to be more 'bigoted' than active persecution, harassment, the prohibition of free assembly and freedom of speech, and unjust life imprisonment for gays and lesbians. Is any more evidence needed of Stonewall's blind hypocrisy, perverse immorality and vicious bigotry? They don't even permit the nominees of this award to attend the ceremony and make an acceptance speech in their own defence.

Stonewall isn't a benign and benevolent gay rights charity: it is an offensive, bullying, intolerant and actively-persecuting organisation which pillories Christians and vilifies those who disagree with its political agenda. It is, by its own definition of ther term, fundamentally 'bigoted', and those who sponsor its abhorrent intimidation and harassment deserve to be duly tarnished for their ill-judged association.
Well said sir.

To finish, a few words from Cardinal O'Brien himself:
‎'Our Christian community in Scotland has been ‘surprised by the Gospel, by the encounter with Christ’ for over 1,600 years now, since St Ninian brought that Gospel to our land around 397, followed by St Columba some 200 years later. It is that Gospel of the love of all peoples that we still hand on today – a love of male and female, a love of black and white, a love of life in the womb and life on the death bed, a love of people of whatever sexual orientation. But in sharing the love of Christ we also share the responsibility of learning and handing on the teaching of Christ, a teaching that is so often sadly neglected at this present time.' — Cardinal Keith O'Brien, speaking today, 4th November 2012, at the Scottish launch of the Year of Faith in Our Lady of Good Aid Cathedral, Motherwell.

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