Catholic Teaching: The New Zeitgeist for Britain’s Left.

I remember first reading Laborem Exercens and being amazed what good stuff it was. How relevant and how practically it related to my every day life. My business partner at L&B Technical Services wanted to know what it was all about and was similarly blown away at the depth of understanding and powerful teaching on reading the document whilst on holiday in Gozo. He later converted to the Catholic faith.

It seems as a result of recession, global austerity and the Occupy movement there is currently an increased interest in Catholic Social Teaching as a framework for ethical business. Of course, the social teaching of the Church doesn't just question the power of the market, but also critiques the reach of the state.

Some argue that these teachings come to life in a living relationship with the person of Christ. It is arguable whether or not they can stand alone. I for one think that would be a step in the right direction, and that's one of the great things about the Catholic faith. It has such powerful practical applications. If only more people knew!

Despite that this article on the BBC divorces Catholic Social Teaching from it's foundation in Christ, the article is, nonetheless, an interesting read.


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