Fr. Dom in Rome

Father Dom surprised me with a text from St. Peter's Square yesterday morning. He was in a "vast" queue for Wednesday's Udienza with Papa Francesco. I asked if it wouldn't have been easier to simply turned up for Mass at the Chapel in Casa Santa Marta, but apparently our intrepid Redemptorist said Mass at some ungodly hour in St. Peter's.

Dom couldn't get over how many people were there, the square was heaving, Dom estimated between 200-250,000 people jostling in the hot sun to catch a glimpse of Papa Francesco. Here's a picture he took as the Pope went past.

It is a powerful witness, I think, that so many want to meet this man. A good sign. I think Fr. Dom is planning to pop in and have tea with the Holy Father today. I hope he asks him for a good new bishop for Brentwood, and as he doesn't seem all that bothered about the Papal Tiara, I know a certain priest who would make excellent use of it!


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