Prayer For A New Bishop

Prayer for a New Bishop

Father, You have given us your Son, Jesus Christ, to teach, sanctify and govern Your people. You also gave us the gift of Your Holy Spirit so that we may forever remain one in Your name.
We thank You for our past bishops who have served the Diocese of Brentwood.
Father, we ask that You look with favor upon those in the Church, who will prayerfully select our new bishop. Give them a Spirit of wisdom and counsel that they may discern Your will.
We ask in the name of your Son, that You bless our future bishop. Provide him with the gifts he will need to carry on the ministry of Jesus Christ in our Diocese.
Grant him the heart of Your Son, the heart of the Good Shepherd. Bestow upon him the zeal of
St Paul in preaching the Gospel; the humility of St. John Vianney in ministering the sacraments; the compassion of St Vincent de Paul in serving those most in need; and the wisdom of
St Augustine in teaching the doctrine of the church.
We ask this through the intercession of Mary, our Mother and model, and our Lady of Lourdes, Patroness of our Diocese. Amen.


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