Miley who? Pope Francis is Most Discussed Name on the Internet

I was intrigued and amazed to read on uCatholic that a study conducted by The Global Language Monitor has revealed that Pope Francis was the most discussed proper name on the internet, eclipsing secular leaders, global celebrities, and proper names of places, organisations, and movements.

Additionally, the Holy Father’s Twitter handle “@Pontifex” was the #4 ranked word. What? Not Miley Cyrus, Katey Perry, Kate Middleton, or Richard Dawkins? The Pope of Rome? Am I in some sort of time warp? What year is this, 1274?

When you consider the way in which secular society often tries to enforce the myth of the irrelevance of faith and religious leaders and the indifference of the common person towards religion, this news becomes even more of a revelation.

Clearly, despite the best efforts of the devil (and the secularist's), Pope Francis has impacted the daily lives of the people of the modern world.

The Top Names of 2013 Rank /Name / Comments
  1. Pope Francis — The former Jorge Mario Bergoglio, the 266th Pope of the Catholic Church, born December 17, 1936 in Buenos Aires
  2. ObamaCare – Five years after Obamamania, the president’s name is still in use though not always in a praiseworthy manner.
  3. NSA – The National Security Agency of the US collects intelligence through clandestine means of both foreign and (to the surprise of many) domestic sources.
  4. Ed Snowden – Edward Joseph Snowden, the former NSA contractor and CIA employee, who leaked classified United States, British and Israeli surveillance programs.
  5. Kate Middleton — Officially, Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, the fashion and style icon, the future Queen of the Realm, wife of the Prince of Wales, and mother of Prince George of Cambridge.
The Top Words of 2013 follow Rank / Word / Comments
  1. 404 – The near-universal numeric code for failure on the global Internet.
  2. Fail — The single word fail, often used as a complete sentence (Fail!) to signify failure of an effort, project, or endeavor.
  3. Hashtag – The ‘number sign” and ‘pound sign’ reborn as the all-powerful Twitter hashtag.]
  4. @Pontifex — The Hashage of the ever-more popular Pope Francis.
  5. The Optic — The ‘optic’ is threatening to overtake ‘the narrative’ as the Narrative overtook rational discourse. Does not bode well for an informed political discussion.
This has to be powerful and a good thing.


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