Michael Voris Slams Cardinal Dolan

I stumbled across this video yesterday:

I was a bit shocked, a bit hurt, and a lot upset.

I was shocked, because Cardinal Dolan is a bit of a personal hero. I have always considered--based on the evidence--that he is an outspoken evangelist, never afraid to stand up for the Church and her teachings. If Michael Voris is a supporter of orthodoxy, should he not be a supporter of Cardinal Dolan?

I was hurt because Cardinal Dolan is a Prince of the Church, someone I follow because he has devoted his life to Christ and can help me to be a better disciple myself. Watching Michael Voris' no-holds-barred attack on Cardinal Dolan made me feel like someone was attacking Holy Mother Church.

I was upset because Voris makes a lot of sense and makes some excellent points I cannot ignore. The Church is damaged by a lack of pastoral teaching. Everyone knows this, and I think it is especially evident in the responses to the Synod on the Family Questionnaire which has recently been circulated. Catholics have been starved of any teaching for forty years or so. Instead we have been fed fluffy tag-lines like "domestic Church" without any depth.

Voris is right, it is a crisis, and the Church is bleeding because the majority don't even know what it stands for any more. Is this because our pastors are in a rush to be accepted as "nice"? I think that is a very human thing, and, as the Catechism states pretty much right at the beginning,
The whole concern of doctrine and its teaching must be directed to the love that never ends. Whether something is proposed for belief, for hope or for action, the love of our Lord must always be made accessible, so that anyone can see that all the works of perfect Christian virtue spring from love and have no other objective than to arrive at love. CCC 25
Cardinal Dolan and all our priests, bishops, and cardinals have to walk this difficult line. Any of us who try and stand up for the faith in this day and age run the risk of looking like extremists and it is a really tough job to find a way of couching the Gospel in such a way that it's powerful message resonates with a society which has been brainwashed by secular ideology to the extent ours is.

Should we be haranguing our own leaders, or supporting them? In this day and age of 24 hour news and constant reporting, where every whisper is up for debate, do we expect too much from our leaders? Do we expect them to be word perfect on every occasion they are hauled in front of the microphone? Or should we cut them a bit of slack every now and then?

I am guilty of not always making wise decisions when it comes to criticising hierarchy of our Church in England and Wales. I do always try and give the benefit of the doubt however, and be supportive overall, despite my misgivings. This is probably because as the owner of a business, I know that it is much easier to tear something down than it is to build it up. The tension is always about what we do when someone tries to pass something inaccurate off as fact. As St. Thomas states:

I have a small voice as a parishioner- nothing more. But joined with other parishioners in the blogasphere, perhaps my voice carries a little more weight. The reality is that the above task should be one carried out by our bishops themselves, and then people like myself would not be faced with any dilemma to start off with. That might ring as true here in the UK, but in the US and in respect to Cardinal Dolan? Really??

Of course, if you watch the video, you might detect some political overtones to Voris' comments. My friend Lisa Graas can put some flesh on those bones if you are interested.

In conclusion, in-fighting is ugly. I would rather be supportive. I suppose sometimes we have no choice but to speak out. Protect The Pope is the expert on this of course. For my part, I wonder what we gain from it? Perhaps shining a light shows that you cannot just get away with it. Perhaps it draws the attention of others who are in a position of actually being able to do something about it. Perhaps it just makes any fallible human being who might be a prospective future incumbent decide they could not suffer such vocal criticism.

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