More on Reception on the Tongue...

Further to my post on Tuesday, which looked at the need for a more balanced understanding of the Mass as Sacrifice, and how a change in our understanding from emphasing the meal aspect, to a more proper understanding of Sacrifice, how how this could be the key to a more reverent attitude toward the reception of Jesus in the blessed sacrament at Mass, one reader, Adam Coates, directed me to this excellent video on the subject by Fr. Paul Nicholson. (Sorry, that sentence was far too long!).

Receiving communion on the tongue or in the hand is nothing anyone else can make you do. You are free to choose the manner of your own reception and the way you approach God, but these sorts of things are what led me to change the way I receive communion myself. I have found that if I approach Christ in the blessed sacrament with humility and temerity, properly disposed and longing for communion with Him who is God, the experience is an extraordinarily powerful one. And this is something I have heard from everyone who has come to this realisation.

Let's listen to Fr. Paul explain it:


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