Michael Gove asked to protect young children from explicit sex education

A NATIONWIDE PETITION calling on the government to uphold the right of parents to withdraw their children from sex education in schools was launched on 30th April at the Emmanuel Centre in London.

The petition to Education Secretary, Michael Gove, was launched by C2PC, the Campaign to Protect Children, at its 'Stolen Childhood Conference'. The conference examined, from a range of perspectives, the dangers to which our children are being increasingly exposed, and the reasons for this, with strategic action and change proposals at both government and family level.

The petition asks the Government to resist the aims of pressure groups to make sex education compulsory with increasingly explicit material introduced to primary school children.

'We very much support this petition which seeks to prevent schools undermining the authority of parents to protect their children from unacceptable, explicit sex education which is damaging to the natural development of young minds and promotes premature sexual activity among secondary school children,' says Andrea Williams of Christian Concern.

C2PC warns that despite the rejection of a recent Labour amendment to the Children and Families Bill which sought to make sex education compulsory across all state-funded primary schools, 'an in-coming Labour government would lose no time in making sex education compulsory'.

Please do click here and sign the petition.


  1. Freedom of choice. Yes I'm all for that but I'm not convinced withdrawing children from formal sex education helps at all. Is there anyone out there who got no informal sex ed from their peers? And possibly quite distorted too. It isn't possible to completely protect children from "unsuitable material". I think the main difficulty in schools is that kids mature at very different rates so the best time for one may be too soon or too late for others. As parents, catechists and other educators we have to present the Christian dimension to every aspect of life. The best approach is to provide that and keep them in the school lessons too. Sooner or later they will choose between between the way of the world and the better way.


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