The Hierarchy, Cardinal Kasper, Franciscan Sisters of the Immaculate, & all that.

I started off extremely skeptical about this video, I don't have a huge problem with Vatican II, except when it is considered in isolation as the last word in Catholic doctrine, ignoring everything that has gone before, but by the time I got to the bit about Cardinal Kasper (at about 16:45) I found myself agreeing with pretty much everything being said!


  1. exactly!!so did i !!is the bishop of rome a catholic or not?.such persecution against orthodox catholics goes on unabated with this man the bishop of rome!intervention is needed to stop the rot.god bless .philip johnson.

  2. This is seditious and poorly researched. The comments about St Matthew near the end is a good example, the pope is speaking about Carravaggio's painting NOT the Gopsel account and as such his comments is fine. Truth is not so emotive, it speaks silently with Christ before Pilate. In making divisons between faithful Catholics and "ageing hippies" gathered round a clueless pope they are doing the devil's work. We DO NOT KNOW what is happpening with the FFI, but my guess is that someone has smelt Jansenism in their midst and is seeing if they are right. There is nothing like the smell of Jansensim to a Jesuit.

    1. What did you make of the comments about Kasper Rita (about 16:45 ff), surely you can't support his current rantings?

    2. Not sure if there is any hint of Jansenism in that particular religious order. They are simply guilty of being thoroughly Catholic and 50 years ago no one would have batted so much as an eyelid at the way they live out their vocation. As for Kasper, He has made more heretical statements than Calvin did in his lifetime and he does this unhindered in a church that has divorced itself from pretty much everything that went before Vatican II in terms of true dogmatic teaching and tradition. All is not lost....a few of us still hold to the old religion and it will prevail.

    3. I'm no apologist for Kaspar but I will not fear such an empty vessel. As far as I know Rev. Wojciech Giertych OP has NOT lost his job as Papal Theologian and he's sound. What is happeing is that the forthcoming synod on marriage and family is being kept alive in the media and the minds of Catholics, I think we are all being manipulated here. "Big up" the man with the wrong view and then gently bring Church teaching back in focus through the synod, once they have everybodies attention. Sounds very Jesuit to me.

      As for the FFI, I didn't say there was any Jansenism, just that somebody "suspects" Jansenism. Orthodoxy will always lead to such suspicions, but if the order is sound, this pruge will strengthen it. Think for a moment about the Holy Father, this man says the full rosary every day, but dismisses in an offhand way a spiritual bouquet of rosaries offerer by some more traditional minded Catholics. He is of the generation that loathes the religion of "doing things", he craves a "living faith" , he sees the two as opposed to each other, see how he uses the terms pelagian and neo-pelagian.... such things get his goat... we traditionalists will just have to "out happy" him and prove that we have the joy that he so evidently exhibits. All this kvetching isn't helping one bit.

    4. Orthodoxy should never lead to any used to be the norm for Catholic's to be Orthodox. As for the 'Religion of doing things'....we have 2000 year history of people 'Doing things' and it produced a lot of saints. A living faith that leads to doing lots of things and praying lot of Rosary's is a great idea. By the way how can you be sure that while the pope is saying the full 20 decades of the Rosary that his mind and heart are fully engaged? I'm sure it is engaged, but we must not judge how someone prays against others who also pray in the same way. I hope you are right about the synod in that it bangs a loud orthodox drum in the ears of the secular media. We must not forget that the Pope is a South American Jesuit and they gave us some very interesting spins on theology through the 70's and 80's. Being full of Joy is great but it will not get us into heaven unless we do the will of the Father. Let's have a Church that is full of Joy because it is fully back on course, saving souls with the truth. No more happy clappy people pleasing watered-down nonsense.

    5. I fear this synod mainly because those in charge of it are pushing for changes in Church teaching in action but not in fact. Just look at the time leading up to Pope Pius's document on contraception. The spin was that the Church was going to remove the ban on contraception with many important Bishops and Cardinals backing the use of contraception. It appeared to most people that if Cardinals were okay with contraception, then it must be okay. Millions of women started using it. Nobody bothered to pay attention to the Popes writings against contraception.

      Many priests continued to tell people that contraception is a matter of conscience. Now we have 98% of fertile Catholic women using contraception. Most woman know it goes against Church teaching but do it anyway because many important Catholics, including politicians, bishops and priests disobey Church teaching with no condemnation. This is what leads people to think that some Church teaching is a matter of conscience.

      Most likely we will see a similar outcome to this synod on marriage. Already most Catholic support divorce and remarriage and now that important 'advisers' of the Pope are basically saying that divorce and remarriage is okay, they think that if their conscience is okay with it, they should be allowed to divorce and remarry. If it is a question among the Cardinals, it must be a conscience matter.


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