Shocking Story of a Family Torn Apart by Social Services

I read this shocking story of a family in Scotland torn apart by social services with tears in my eyes. Although we often hear of cases where social services fail to intervene, sadly resulting in occasional tragic deaths, their over-involvement can be just as devastating.

This story is about Kerry and Mark. Kerry's social worker didn't like Mark. Didn't like that Kerry was pregnant. Didn't like that Kerry was getting married. The social worker tried to persuade Kerry to abort the baby. Kerry refused. Kerry was happy to be pregnant. Happy to be starting a new life and a family. Happy to be in love and looking forward to her wedding.

Kerry's social worker cancelled the wedding. Literally. Kerry's social worker wrote to the registrar and objected to the wedding: the wedding was cancelled. Why? Kerry was "too dumb" to understand what getting married meant. Seriously, this was reported in The Telegraph!

I think what worries me most about this story is the degree of judgement passed on this family. Judgement based on social conditioning that says that children are a bad thing rather than a good thing. That abortion is a good thing. That wanting to have a family is somehow strange. As a father of five children, four living, one in heaven, I regularly encounter incredulity at my unmitigated joy and exuberance at the number of children I have been blessed with. Moreover I am eager to communicate that I feel victimised by society and the prevailing attitude that big families are undesirable and irresponsible. Given what I know now, I would have been much more willing and open to children than Lou and I have been. The reality is that life is all about children and the love shared in family. Family is the school of deeper humanity, where we work out relationship and learn what it means to love and be loved.

With that in mind, I ask you to read this tragedy and if you can, send some money to help this family, to let them know that others have heard their plea.

To donate: paypal to

Please mark the donation as a 'gift' so there are no fees to pay. And thank you.


  1. I too have witnessed a terrible anti large family prejudice by social workers effectively wanting to rip a family apart and putting enormous pressure on mum, that she really cannot cope etc. It was horrific to witness and truly evil.


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