Priests Speak of their Joy in Priesthood

Perhaps this is the perfect antidote to my last post. 10 priests from the diocese of Arundel & Brighton, UK, speak of their JOY in priesthood as part of the diocesan Golden Jubilee celebrations.

Their love for the priesthood is moving and inspiring. Particularly of note is what they have to say about the importance of Confession, both the humbling experience of hearing Confession and the way in which this leads them to their own Confession. This is the metanoia which is at the heart of the Gospel and which we seem to be missing from much of our experience of faith these days. This Greek word is associated with the English word "repentance", but in psychological terms, relates to the process of experiencing a "break down" and subsequent, positive psychological re-building or "healing". When we hear the Good News of Jesus, we "change our minds" and recognise our own need for healing. This awakening to our need for grace drives us to examine our consciences and ask for forgiveness from God the Father.

Today it seems that this call to repentance has been largely dispensed with, and instead everyone is seeking to have their sin accepted & condoned. It is always difficult to accept that you may have acted in a way that has hurt your relationship with God, but this is often clearly signposted by the way in which we see we have hurt others; God gives us people as mirrors. If we want to be true disciples, we have to hear anew the call to repentance, and have the courage to respond, and change our lives. This is what fits us for heaven.


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