Bishop Robert Barron at the World Meeting of Families

Newly ordained BISHOP Robert Barron delivered an excellent key note speech at the World Meeting of Families this week. I really do recommend you watch it as it contains some great teaching on the laity's role as priest, prophet and king. He also addresses the idea of Imago Dei and making that a missionary priority; the problems of false worship and the consistent need for orthodoxy— right praise. He articulates the reality of the Christian message as a deep humanism which holds up mankind in a profound way unique throughout all the religions and philosophies of the world and suggests that what came after Vatican II was in fact  a failure because it failed to produce what it intended: great Catholic doctors, lawyers, teachers, politicians, writers and parents who would go out into the world and evangelise (that is what was meant by full and active participation, not lay people pretending to be priests).


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