Incredible opportunity to learn and pass on your faith

It has just been announced that, by special request, an exciting new Catechetics course is being offered by SoTA at Buckfast Abbey in early October.

Full details are available on the SoTA website here.

Given that the course will take place very shortly, please help to get the word out to priests, catechists and all others interested in faith formation.

The course will be packed with sessions from prominent clergy and scholars explaining the four dimensions of the Christian Life.

  • Learn to transform your vital ‘explanations’ of the Faith into ‘Good News’ of the Faith. Explaining our faith to a sometimes hostile culture goes back to the days of the Early Church. The accusations of the world can be turned around by new methods of transmitting the positive and beautiful teachings of Jesus Christ.
  • Learn why to teach everyone the ‘four dimension of the Christian life.’ The four pillars mentioned in the Catechism of the Catholic Church are there to support and defend life. They each have a bearing on one another and these sessions can show you how to give expression to the totality of our Christian Faith.
  • Learn how to make any resource more focussed on the One saviour of the world, Jesus Christ. The Incarnation of the Word is the complete revealing of God to the world and as such everything in our faith is focussed on Jesus. These sessions will help you centre all your explanation of the faith on Him.
  • Learn how to evaluate what you are taught on the basis of the fullness of the Christian tradition. The Church’s teaching tradition is rich and has key principles for proclaiming the Good News. These sessions will show you this excellent foundation and can help you build upon it a stronger and more informed faith.
  • Learn and practise how to keep Jesus the first in our hearts in all that we say and teach. All that is good comes from God, and this incredible reality can change how we see the world and ourselves, especially in relation to God. These sessions can help you understand what is called ‘primacy of grace’ and show that living it out can transform lives.
  • Discover the extraordinary methodology of the Catechism of the Catholic Church. This wonderful resource can sit unread on our bookshelves, but the truths it contains can transform our lives and the methods can transform our ways of communicating these truths. These sessions can teach you the structure of the Catechism and the method behind it so that you can leave the four days reinvigorated.

With the aim of illuminating your faith participants will also follow the cycle of prayer with the monks of Buckfast Abbey alongside the sessions which will take place at their beautiful facilities.

Total cost is £385 including full-board and en suite rooms at the exquisite Northgate House.

To apply, please download, and fill in this application form.


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