Stand up & be counted!

It couldn't be worded more clearly! Any God-fearing person - Christian, Jew or Muslim - should be proud to put their name to this petition calling for an end to state condoned and legalised killing of unborn children. 

A friend came across it several pages in on the government petitions website with less than 150 signatories. That's terrible! 

But are we Catholics so taken with ideas of the heavenly Jerusalem that we have forgotten how to engage the levers of our earthly citizenship? Or have too many of us succumbed to that sinister and apathetic fatalism which would have us believe the progress of evil in our society is both inevitable and irresistible? We have Christ's assurance that the gates of hell will not prevail against the Church, but at present it doesn't seem as if those gates are even threatened! 

If we are not effectively engaging the enemy in the open field, in our social milieu where he is currently humiliating us - and our blessed Lord and his noble mother - with arrogant scorn and little resistance, what hope do we have of ever putting him and his cohorts on the defensive, of driving them back behind those doomed doors so that we can at last mount that ultimate and assuredly victorious assault upon them?

Please click on the link, sign the petition, engage the enemy! Can we really start something here? Can we get enough people to sign the petition so that it becomes clear to our politicians that this is important to us?



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