Cardinal Pell Interview from EWTN Yesterday

Thank God for Cardinal Pell!

In this interview he gave yesterday we learn a number of things I think. We learn that the 13 Cardinals did indeed have enough concern about the potential plot to attempt to change doctrine that they wrote to the Holy Father about it. We also learn that they were equally concerned about what has been referred to as "Synod Rigging" or the "deck stacking", especially at the last meeting.

Divorced and remarried is a small part of the Synod according to the Cardinal, and he doesn't even mention homosexuality, which makes one wonder about Fr. Rosica's portrayal of the discussions?!?

It would appear that there is enough concern that whatever the Pope concludes and delivers in the final document on the Synod will bear "controversial issues" that may obscure the clarity of Church teaching for Cardinal Pell to mention it, although he says he will have access to the document and will be able to vote on whether it accurately represents what the Synod Fathers have discussed.

Cardinal Pell affirms that Catholic means "universal", not continental or national and quotes Cardinal Arinze's comment that you can't national right and wrong.

At 23:20, the Cardinal says that Cardinal Marx has explained that there is no contrast between the Kasperian position and Pope Benedict XVIth's position and Cardinal Pell (with the hint of a wry smile) notes that he is very happy to hear that. Meanwhile, it appears that Cardinal Marx is, in fact, dismayed by Cardinal Pell's comments. What is going on? Certainly our prayers are still very much required!

It sounds like despite their best efforts, the wolves have been defeated as roundly predicted. What do you make of it?

Starts at 13:10


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