Feast of The Guardian Angels

A blessed Feast of the Guardian Angels to you!

According to Scripture, everyone has one (Ps 34:7, Mt 18:10, Acts 12:15), and they're sent by God to help us especially in times of need - to be a 'best friend' to us.

"Consider the fact that you have a guardian angel. Jesus assured us that each of us has one, from our earliest days (Matt. 18:10). Consider that God has made this person exclusively for your care. Your guardian angel is smarter than a thousand Einsteins, and stronger than any army on earth. And God created him to serve you!

What difference does that make in your life? What difference should it make?

If a human relative or benefactor gave you a sports car, or a half-million dollars, or your dream home, you would find frequent and creative ways to express your gratitude.

How often do you thank God for the extraordinary gift of your guardian angel? And how often do we thank our angels for their care?

Remember: angels are persons. To ignore them, after all they do for us, is at least rude, but also daft. Why would we choose not to enter into a close friendship and “working relationship” with these creatures who are dear to God and far closer to us than our nearest kin?

What sets too many Christians today apart from their ancestors in the faith is our neglect of devotion to the angels. For the early Christians, this was a lively devotion.

I believe the angels are the great neglected intermediaries in human relationships. How much stronger our families would be—our neighborhoods would be—our friendships would be—our workplace would be—our society would be—if only we, habitually and silently, called upon the help of the guardian angels of the people who are with us in the course of a day."

From Mike Aquilina, "A Year with the Angels" (Saint Benedict Press, 2011)


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