Incredible Act of Catholic Witness in London

I'm still catching up with blogging about last week really!

I feel I have to write something about the incredible event we attended as a family last Saturday, 10th October. We travelled up to London on the train and met an incredible 3,000 other Catholics at Westminster Cathedral for the Rosary Crusade of Reparation. We had no idea that there would be so many people in attendance. We walked all the way to Brompton Oratory, singing hymns and praying the Rosary with Our Lady of Fatima being carried in the lead.

Is that Tom Kennedy helping to carry Our Lady?

The inspiring nature of this event was made more joyful when social media allowed me to realise that many friends were also in attendance, some from my own Parish even! Other people I only see rarely at Catholic events, and some famous bloggers (Fr. Ray Blake for example) were also in attendance!

There were prayers and Benediction at Brompton Oratory at the end of our march and the Basilica was absolutely packed to the gunnels.

I couldn't help but notice no bishops in attendance, no auxiliaries, nada. Obviously they are very busy promoting fluffy shoe gazing initiatives & Fr Radcliffe.

However, while they are all preoccupied with the credibility of the Church, we, those who actually believe what the Church has always taught was revealed to us by Christ Himself, are busy out witnessing to that truth. Why? Because we believe it can change the world and make it a better place, where the love and mercy that seem to so preoccupy the Synod Fathers at the present time, will flow out among the people. We recognise, however, that this gift, freely given to the world by God, has to be recognised for what it is and accepted. It sometimes seems that Bishops and Cardinals are so removed from the reality of the Gospel that all they do is cause scandal and find ways to capitulate this dearly won legacy to the spirit of the age. The flock they are supposed to tend are frightened and nervous, fearing the betrayal we all know they are capable of, but trusting to divine providence that this cannot take place. Meanwhile it could all be so easily sorted, with just a word or two from the Holy Father. Instead he gives us this to puzzle over. Further panic, concern and confusion. What does he mean? At any normal time, an innocuous enough homily, but given the Synod context???

Meanwhile we march and we pray and we hold close to each other. Those who criticise the Catholic Church and are desirous of doctrinal change will never be wooed back by the sophistry of the synod. Weasel words will only serve to further hurt the embittered faithful who remain. No matter what actually happens, those faithful will always retain the faith, because our faith is one of Tradition based on Scripture and the Magisterium, which we can all learn. It is the incontrovertible truth about human beings which needs to be explained and emphasised.

If our bishops saw the faithful walking through London with Our Blessed Mother held high, would they recognise that all they need do is lead us, and what a loyal following they would have? All they need to do is be consistent and true to the faith as deposited and we will follow them anywhere.

The amazed faces of people as we walked down Sloane Street and passed Harrods were something to behold! What on earth are these people up to? We walked down the main roads and there was such a feeling of joy in the procession. You have to wonder how much longer Catholic will be free to act in such a way in this country?
Arriving at Brompton Oratory

Packed Brompton Oratory

Here is the faith; right where it has always been. With the faithful people who try their best to live it. Regardless of how we are let down, ignored, mistreated by those who are supposed to lead us, we are here and we are faithful, the "dirty feet" of the Church, just as we were in the third century when Hippolytus of Rome (d. 235) headed a separate group within the Church in Rome against Pope Callixtus I. Just as we were in 449 AD when the Robber Council took place in Ephesus. Just as we were in 1378 and throughout the Great Western Schism. In all these times, the people kept praying, their faithful pastors leading them in the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, the monks and nuns praying the Divine Office in their monasteries.

In the famous words of one who was prepared to suffer and die for the Catholic faith;
The expense is reckoned, the enterprise is begun; it is of God; it cannot be withstood. So the faith was planted: So it must be restored.
St. Edmund Campion, pray for us!

My family on the march!


  1. A glorious act of witness - if 'evangelisation begins in curiosity', as is often suggested, then judging by the number of people taking photographs as the procession passed would suggest this was a significant act of evangelisation.
    More than that I enjoyed it!

  2. So cool! Thanks for the inspiration and encouragement that this post gives me! We are so blessed to be Catholic! God bless you, you family, and all of these great people! Liz

  3. May the Graces received by each participant in this act of love overflow into a society so desperately in need of grace and faith. We have not been able to attend for the last three years but feel blessed to be united in spirit with all who did!

  4. What a great witness, thank you for showing us this. Also, whilst I understand your upset about a lacking in presence of bishops, I can't help but think that the October synod has got something to do with it, perhaps even affecting the running of the diocese(s) by his auxiliaries...

  5. A fantastic post, Mark - very inspiring! I only wish I could have been there. Let's hope some of our Bishops get to read this and understand just how we are all feeling right now (which you brilliantly express). Thanks and God bless.

  6. Maravilhosa demonstração do amor a Maria Santíssima!! Fico muito feliz!!!


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