Resistance—Do something Practical

Whether you agree with Michael Voris or not, he is someone who speaks from love of the faith. He is also doing stuff. Sure he might not be doing it in a "nice" way, but being nice hasn't got us very far up to now, has it?

Father Hunwicke made some interesting points about lay power in this recent blog post. After the recent, very, very, dodgy remarks made by ++Vincent, a friend of mine in discussion suggested the best way forward was for all of us to write to our bishops demanding clarification on the Archbishop's apparent, blatant contradiction of the faith. I certainly took his advice, and wrote to my own bishop.

Today, Michael Voris makes some interesting points about these ongoing issues:
In the meantime faithful Catholics need to take control and simply do an end run around a terrified episcopacy who continue to deprive us of the teachings of the Faith, in all their glory. Many people who come into the Church these days or who deepen in their faith do it outside of the institutional Church. They stumble across an article online, or a friend who is good Catholic tells them something, which then sets their minds going. In short, people come to the Faith without much help from the "officials." There's even a name for it: It's called "reading in," meaning you are pretty much self-taught through your own reading.
I feel, in the light of Father Hunwicke's comments, we have a duty to stick up for the faith we know and recognise and love. We have a duty to speak out and say that we will not put up with Cardinal Nichols et al's erosion of the truth. That is why I am supporting Michael Voris' resistance campaign.

Our greatest enemy is apathy. We have to stand up and be counted and I am grateful Voris and his team have the courage to do so. Michael is asking for help, please see the video here, and I for one am going to help him.


  1. Can you elaborate, or give a pointer to, the dodgy remarks made by ++V.Nicholls, please?

    1. There's a link in the above text, but here it is again. He was rather explicit in his recent Radio 4 interview as well, which you can listen to here starting at 1:34 onwards.


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