Synod: Particular Care

Have a look at this extract from the final message of 2012 Synod of Bishops:
We do not ignore the fact that today the family, established in the marriage of a man and of a woman which makes them “one flesh” (Matthew 19:6) open to life, is assaulted by crises everywhere. It is surrounded by models of life that penalize it and neglected by the politics of society of which it is also the fundamental cell. It is not always respected in its rhythms and sustained in its tasks by ecclesial communities. It is precisely this, however, that impels us to say that we must particularly take care of the family and its mission in society and in the Church,

Now, ask yourself……as a result of the 2014/2015 synods on the family …

do you NOW FEEL the support of and “particular care” of the Church that the pope and church pledged only 3 years ago???? ……  


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