Bishop Alan Williams: True Discipleship

Listen to Bishop of Brentwood, The Rt Rvd Alan Williams SM reflect on true discipleship in the Year of Mercy.

Below are a couple of pictures of the Holy Door at Brentwood Cathedral. Above the door you can see a sign written in Bishop Alan's own hand and recreated in neon. Pope Francis explains the meaning of the Holy Door thus: 
"There is only one way that opens wide the entrance into the life of the communion with God: this is Jesus, the one and absolute way to salvation. To him alone can the words of the Psalmist be applied in full truth: "This is the door of the Lord where the just may enter" (Psalm 118:20)" 
In a Jubilee Year we are all invited to pass through the Holy Door as a symbolic gesture of leaving the past behind and crossing the threshold from sin to grace, from slavery to freedom, and from darkness to light. The neon art outside the Holy Door has been created by Chris Mitchell of Neon Sign Store. The words are the motto for the Year of Mercy. The lettering is in Bishop Alan's own hand and has been recreated in neon. This is a pastoral letter that is meant for everyone to see and read. 

The narthex of the Holy Door has been designed by Becky Collard with help from Kelly Gillard and Kirsty Davies. The richness of the colour and the complex decoration inspires us to leave the greyness of our ordinary lives behind and pass through this beautiful Holy Door into the presence of God who is rich in mercy and forgiveness. The design has been inspired by Medieval and Pugin interiors. this is a pastoral letter that shines for all to see and its message illuminates all hearts and minds.


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