Victims of Abortion

Yesterday, the Daily Mail carried the truly heart-wrenching story of Jade Rees.

Jade is yet another beautiful young woman who has taken her own life after suffering from post-abortion regret.

For how much longer will the pro-abortion lobby will continue to insist that Post Abortion Stress Syndrome does not exist and abortion has no consequences? Abortion is sold as the solution to a difficult problem, but it is seldom acknowledged that it brings its own baggage and problems. SPUC recently reported how Josie Cunningham, a mother-of-three, publicly admitted that she regrets having an abortion, adding that it left her in "a vulnerable place" and in need of professional help (see here for full story) and now we have another tragedy on our hands as a result of abortion. Similarly, this news comes weeks after Marcus Webb was jailed in relation to the death of 15 year old, Ashli Blake, who jumped to her own death following an abortion: see here.

Similarly, it was a little shocking to find the Labour MP for Walthamstow lobbying on Twitter to overturn the ban on abortion in Northern Ireland. She posted this:

In response to this:

The idea that the solution to unwanted pregnancy is not education, is not care, or putting in place the support and counselling required for mothers to deal with the reality of their situation, that the best way out is to kill your child and this will somehow have no consequences for your mental health, seems amazing to me. Surely this is an unintelligent approach which fails to address the issue?

Our thoughts are with the family of Jade Rees, and her young son who is left behind.

If you or a loved one are suffering after an abortion and would like to receive confidential support, please visit this website or call the national pregnancy helpline on: 0808 802 5433


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