Jo Cox MP, RIP

I found myself in tears on more than one occasion yesterday as I contemplated the enormity of what has happened to the MP for the constituency of Batley and Spen, Jo Cox.

I was shocked and stunned when I heard the news, and my heart immediately went out to her husband and children. I know how that feels, how life changes forever in that moment. How you numbly try to cope with the mundane realities, how it never goes back to normal.

Jo was someone who cared enough to get involved with society. A young mum and wife as well as an MP, and a former aid worker. The loss just feels senseless and tangible, the murderer little more than an animal in a society desensitised by social media to the extent where it has become positively de riguer to insult someone with a difference of opinion.  

Today, Jo's husband and children are struggling to cope with the aftermath of losing someone they loved so deeply. There lives are forever changed. I hope that all of our lives will be a little changed and that the way we speak to each other will be a little gentler as a result of this. That would be a good legacy for this bright young woman.

Lord have mercy on this woman's soul and wrap her family in love.

From Jo Cox's shrine.


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