Australian Professor to Speak at St Patrick's, Soho

Prof Tracey Rowland, Theologian & Director of the JPII Institute in Melbourne
Although we have now completed the Holy Year of Mercy, St Patrick's Soho are continuing their series of talks which are both to mark but also to give thanks for the Year.

The talks have very much been focused upon the six windows St Patrick's are hoping to commission for the Church. Each talk takes one of the particular representations.

To this end, it is a great joy that Professor Tracey Rowland of the John Paul the II Institute for the Family in Melbourne is going to speak on the subject of “The Doctrinal Mission of St Therese of Lisieux” on Saturday 10th December at 12 noon. As well as being part of the International Theological Commission, Professor Rowland is an extraordinary theologian and brings many insights as to how to engage with our contemporary culture whilst at the same time being firmly rooted in the tradition of the Church. St Therese needs no introduction but as being Patron of the Missions, she has a particular place in the work of the Parish of St Patrick's which has always had a tradition of welcoming immigrant communities who have come to London over the last 230 years.

You can get a flavour of her powerful Evangelisation & intellectual engagement in this short video from CNS:


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