Pope Francis is Speaking about Retirement...

According to Damian Thompson & the new Spectator's religion podcast, rumours from Rome are that the Pope has spoken to numerous people about his intention to follow Pope Benedict and retire in the next few years, but only after several consistories have suitably stacked the deck in favour of liberal progressive Cardinals.

According to the discussion, Cardinal Tagle is already campaigning to be 'the next Francis'!

You'll note Cristina Odone's lavish praise of the pope for his appeal to popularism. But the fact that he is popular among non-Catholics and among those who are at odds with Catholic teaching in some way speaks volumes about the failure of the modern Church to preach the Gospel of Christ, the Gospel which challenges us to change and conform our lives to God.

For me it seems clear that the more the Church conforms to the world, the less relevant it will become.

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