A bright line is being drawn; a clear division between those who believe the Church and those who do not

Michael Voris is well known for plain speaking, but I found this Vortex particularly hard-hitting & inspiring!

Goodness me it says something doesn't it? It says something for the mealy-mouthed, effeminate nancy-boys who hate any conviction, any passion, any stomach for a fight!

...that pretty much sums up what you and the effeminate, feminized clergy currently running the show, currently running the show, don't like about muscular Catholicism.
You all would much prefer to slink about in the shadows and issue vague, ponderous statements that no one knows exactly what they mean because that's how you can accomplish all your evil — through stealth and petty, behind-the-scenes politicking, like a bunch of mean high school girls. That's how you operate, always thinking of politics, always weighing what's to your advantage and what can help or derail the agenda of your anti-Church.
Well, welcome to the sunlight! You guys hate open, confrontation because your evil withers once it's dragged out into the light. You have corrupted and poisoned countless souls and driven them away from the Church by your limp-wristed theology and the natural spawn of your evil, predatory homosexual priests.
See, the Church is built as an army meant to assault the kingdom of Satan not sit down with it and dialogue on the peripheries where we can have an encounter. Please stop with that fake language meant to hide your real ambitions and make them sound somehow spiritual. They're spiritual alright, just the evil spirit. Our Blessed Lord said the gates of Hell would not prevail against it — see Fr., conquest! I know all your type hate this language, but it's the vocabulary used by God so get on board.

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