I'm Back!

Sorry to all readers for the unexplained recent hiatus of a few weeks. I was surprised when it seemed the Lord was calling me to do something I never expected Him to do...Never-the-less I complied and part of that was to close down the blog in case it caused a particular organisation some embarrassment. I thought I could do more good using my talents to help said organisation grow from the inside, than calling them out for hypocrisy from the peripheries.

It came to pass in short order that the Lord did not want me to do what it appeared He did want me to do and He set me about face pretty sharpish.

I often pray and worry about posting opinions here that voice criticisms of the hierarchy and institutions like the Catholic Education Service, who purport to serve Catholics. But as the pressure from all directions increases exponentially on Catholics, we seem to see so many pseudo-catholic positions being put forward, I feel that there is, more than ever perhaps, a need for fellowship and honesty among those who would put Christ at the centre of their lives.

I reiterate that what I post here is my opinion, and in life I often get it wrong, so please do feel free to correct me if you think I need it! (Matthew 18:15)

We need to be able to keep in touch with attempts to hoodwink us, we need to be aware and be able to support each other.

So after careful reflection, and a weekend retreat in good, solid Catholic company this past weekend, I am opening my blog again. There is much work to do and few workers!

God bless you all and thank you for reading my thoughts here.


  1. Welcome back. There is still work to do!

    1. Welcome back. I find your blog solidly reassuring; but I do like to think that the title secretly means "I wonder when the bus is coming ..."
      Tony McGough

    2. LOL! That's brilliant, thanks Tony. Are you Eccles?? :-D

    3. No, but I like the cakes ...


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