The Papal Posse - The Roman Drama Never Stops

I find myself shaking my head a lot these days and wondering, is it just me?

Years ago, I started off defending Pope Francis' quirks, as did many people. But at this stage I have to admit I am bewildered by the constant stream of strangeness coming out of the Vatican.

I am not alone though, it is not my imagination, and it is not just a few narrow minded Catholics who hate the pope (bizarre sentence in itself) or want to see the worst. It's pretty much anyone who has the courage to be honest about what is in front of their eyes.

I recognise that many priests and bishops would want to defend the pope so as not to disturb the faithful. But the faithful (those who have any sort of clue, anyway,) are disturbed!

Gentle, objective, faithful EWTN. Always careful to be balanced, always working to grow the faith and confirm the faithful, to the point where some other media outlets are highly critical of them.

Look at what they are saying. Here is a good round up of the nightmare we currently face:

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