Confused Cardinals

Up until last week, a number of people who, deeply honourably in my opinion, wish to defend Pope Francis, were arguing that the Pope's comments regarding the interpretation of Amoris Laetitia forwarded by the bishops of Buenos Aires was a leaked document and thus could not be regarded as authoritative in any way:
To me, this position appeared very shaky. It has been clear for some time the direction of travel, as detailed here.
  • The posturing of the German Church since the 70's, lead by Cardinal Kasper, in an attempt to modify the pastoral practice of the Church.
  • Pope Francis' consistent promotion of Cardinal Kasper.
  • Pope Francis' displeasure at the outcome of the synod process.
  • The rushed publication of an overly long & complex document.
  • The startling omission of Veritas Splendor.
  • The fact that, over the Summer, the German bishops said that those in “irregular” situations could approach the sacraments. The Polish bishops said they couldn’t. The Vatican did not step in to clarify. 
  • The Buenos Aires guidelines & the Pope's speedy affirmation of such.
  • The dubia & the Pope's refusal to respond to them.
  • The fact that the dubia asked for clarity about a document that was deliberately written to be ambiguous.
  • The utter silence in defence of the document.
  • Antonio Spadaro's social media attacks on critics of the document.
This morning, Cardinal Wilfred Napier tried this same approach again, clearly not realising that the leaked Buenos Aires documents were now on the Vatican website!
Cardinal Napier appears very shrewd. He has a high profile on social media and graciously engages with the faithful who interact with him. He supports Pope Francis, while also appearing orthodox. He never seems to put a foot wrong. But this is embarrassing. He is pushing the orthodox interpretation of Amoris Laetitia promulgated by Cardinal Müller but seems completely unaware of the agenda of the Pope or that the Pope's comments to the bishops of Buenos Aires have been officially published. If the Pope is going to sanction publication of communications like this one, can there be any doubt of what his agenda is? Where does this leave good Cardinals like Napier? Let alone the rest of us!

This shows that Pope Francis is not only worrying the faithful, he is wrong footing his own Cardinals!

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