James Martin backed by Cardinals!

Delusional Jesuit homosexualist James Martin uses Twitter for two things: to troll faithful Catholics by posting heretical/provocative/erroneous statements about the faith (see here for an example) and (and mostly this second function if we're honest) to promote the homosexual agenda. Church Militant have no qualms in calling him out on this, see here. He recently wrote a controversial book which was criticised by Archbishop Chaput for failing to speak with authenticity about this complex and difficult issue (see here).

Archbishop Chaput isn't Martin's only critic, his clearly inauthentic and agenda riven approach has been broadsided by all and sundry including:

Catholic World Report
Catholic News Agency
National Catholic Register
Fr Gerald Murray
Crisis Magazine
The Liturgy Guy
First Things
The Witherspoon Institute
One Peter Five
Catholic Education Resource Centre
Joseph Sciambra
Pagadian Diocese
And several notable posts from Bruvver Eccles

Seriously, the list goes on and on, and no wonder - Martin's book is not a brave attempt to welcome an ostracised community, it is a drawbridge which leads to a place faithful Christians cannot follow.

It is unashamedly agenda riven and offers no room for accepted, orthodox Catholic teaching. We must abandon what the Church has taught in perpetuity and embrace the new world order!

Undeterred by the shock and criticism of those loyal members of the Church he purports to represent, Martin Tweets a stream of self congratulation and self-praise, asserting that he has the support of Cardinals and Bishops!
I wonder if any of this lot are supporting him?

I bet this Cardinal is:

And this one too I suppose:

Oh and let's not forget:

Of course, some of our Bishops still actually hold and teach the Catholic faith. We know at least one doesn't agree with Fr James:

Of course, brave Bishop Paprocki was immediately attacked by Martin across social media, eg:

All this is so dignified isn't it? And people have a go at Catholic Blogs! Here we have a priest who regularly posts heterodox positions on a wide range of Christian issues, not least strange and erroneous Scriptural interpretations (here's another recent gem and this is one reported in the national press here) and he is allowed to continue unchecked? What did Archbishop Fulton Sheen say? It is up to the laity to remind our priests to be priests and our bishops to be bishops. Given the deafening silence from those who confer faculties on Father Martin, I feel literally compelled to speak up about this! So here I am and here I will stay until those who would lead us stand up and take a leaf out of Bishop Paprocki's book!

Twitter has quite a lot of advice for Fr James:
There's loads of it, from priests and religious as well as laity - how is Martin not causing public scandal with all this?

Early in his book, Martin describes the status quo in emotional terms: SSA people are a group that has “felt hurt” and “excluded”. We've heard it so often haven't we? An appeal to our emotions. Martin suggests Church leaders “want to reach out…but seem somewhat confused about how to do so.” It really would seem that many of them are closet homosexuals who want to find a way to legitimise their double lifestyle. Do they think the laity are stupid? Naive? Proponents of both sides of this argument might point out that the core problem is not how to bring together a marginalised group and an awkward Church leadership. It’s really about two clashing views on the fundamental truths of justice and love. The SSA side has core beliefs which are fundamentally at odds with the teaching of the Catholic Church (and Christianity at large) but they are unwilling to capitulate their own position and give way to Christ. A real dialogue requires the courage confront why the claims of either side of the argument are at odds. We cannot "accommodate" a position which is diametrically opposed. The Church must convert the world, not allow the world to convert it.

Meanwhile, this is a real apostolate of outreach to same sex attracted people, this is the apostolate bishops and cardinals should be vocally supporting.

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