Cardinal Burke is back at the Vatican

In the strangest of moves, Pope Francis has appointed Cardinal Raymond Burke as an advisor to the Vatican's top court, the Apostolic Signatura. Three years ago he was its' prefect. This time, he will serve not as prefect, but as advisor.

It's a long while since I read The Prince, but I can still recognise a Machiavellian move when I see one!

Keep your friends close and your enemies closer. But how will it play out in practice? Especially in the working group itself? Naturally this will see Cardinal Burke in Rome more but did the Pope not think of that when he dismissed Cardinal Burke? It seems the most bizarre move. But, after Cardinal Parolin’s call for dialogue, could be seen as peace offering to critics of pontificate? That had me scratching my head as all critics have been asking for is dialogue, it seems to me that it is the pope who has been ignoring such calls?

Curiouser and curiouser!
Despite this comment from Rorate Caeli, Cardinal Burke has in fact still been a member of the Curia since 2015, as a member of the Congregation for Saints, so if Rorate Caeli is saying that a curia member could not officially make the correction would seem not to work as an argument?


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