How to be a Disciple Making Disciple

Back in November 2013 it was announced that Mark O'Toole would be ordained bishop of Plymouth Diocese. This took place on January 2014 at Plymouth Cathedral. Since then, he has notably spoken out on assisted dying and vocation, but Bishop Mark has made evangelisation a priority in his own diocese since 2015.

This Pastoral Letter from that year lays out his initial vision for discipleship, and is well worth a read.

In the covering letter to his most recent Pastoral Letter, Bishop Mark wrote: is most of all in the parish that we experience Jesus’ Risen life. The parish is the precious place of God’s grace, the place where we discover our vocation. It is a place in which every baptised Catholic is called to deepen their own love and friendship of Jesus Christ and, at the same time to “make disciples”.
It is not a matter of either having a deep relationship with Jesus or going out to help others encounter Him. It is both. Our vocation as disciples, therefore, has a two-fold focus. Each of us is called to stay close to Jesus and deepen our love of Him, and at the same time, to go out to others that they may come to follow Him, too. It is part of the Vocation of each of us to be a ‘disciple-making disciple’. Further, a local Church which is not making disciples is failing in a fundamental aspect of its life. And the question we must ask ourselves, therefore, is ‘are our parishes’ places that make disciples’?
The Guild of Our Lady & St Joseph, which works to support Catholics through fellowship and deepening their knowledge of the faith, is welcoming Bishop Mark to give a talk on being a disciple making disciple at St Patrick's Church, Soho on Monday 2 October at 6.30pm 

This event is open to all; priests and parishioners are most welcome and will no doubt find the talk inspirational and helpful in your own work of evangelisation. We are asking for a donation of £5 payable at the door. Please do take a moment to register via email: at your earliest convenience to help us in preparing refreshments. After the interval, Bishop Mark will take questions from the audience. 

Don't miss this opportunity to meet and engage with one of our bishops!


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