The Price of Appeasement

Well I do hope the CES are proud of themselves!

Any human being with any iota of common sense would be appalled at the treatment of Nigel and Sally Rowe the parents of a six-year-old boy who have removed him from his primary school after another child in his class began wearing a dress to school.

The couple said under the school's bullying policy their son faced being disciplined for misidentifying the gender of the six-year-old pupil.

They've been subjected to this sort of madness on television:
And also from the likes of Stella Creasy and Anna Soubry. It is incredible to see MPs detracting and abusing an ordinary couple who just want the best for their child.
It seems it is now wrong to bring your children up believing what every single person has always known to be a physical, existential reality. You are either a boy or a girl this is scientifically termed your phenotype.

This couple are being thrown to the lions and the Church of England has sold them out too. If the very organisation supposed to represent Christian teaching about created reality in this country can't stand against this PC nonsense with even a decent counter point, what hope is there for an objective understanding of reality?

The big question here seem to me to be how much blame/responsibility should the CES bear for buying into this LGBT bullying nonsense? This is exactly the kind of thing that happens when schools go down the appeasement route. We think we are being generous and accepting and kind but in reality we are facilitating utter madness. Madness that will not stop here either, it will continue to push its' agenda because we have refused to stand against this false epistemology, even encouraged it with our own document reinforcing the pernicious ideas at play here.

Net result? Normal parents like Nigel and Sally get sold down the river. Can you imagine if they were Catholic. What support would they get from the CES? I'm guessing absolutely zero.

Are any Catholics, apart from the laity going to defend these parents? Or are we simply going to look steadfastly in the other direction and pretend it is nothing to do with us?

What was it I said at the beginning of all this? Oh yes, by endorsing this disgraceful CES document our bishops have sold us down the river!


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