ICKSP Continues to develop in Preston

This is far from "news" at this point, but my mind has been else where the last few days so I have not had the presence of mind to post it here. That being said I think it is great news, encouraging and very positive, and so worth sharing with my readers.

A press release from Lancaster Diocese announces that, following hard on the heels of a second church (English Martyrs) in Preston being given over to the care of the Institute of Christ the King Sovereign Priest, the Diocese of Lancaster and the Institute announce that the Sisters Adorers of the Royal Heart of Jesus Christ Sovereign Priest, the female branch of the Institute, have accepted Bishop Michael Campbell’s invitation to establish a House in Preston in the Diocese of Lancaster!

The arrival date for the contemplative (but not enclosed) Sisters has yet to be determined, but it is hoped that the Sisters will arrive as soon as possible to set up their first UK foundation at St Augustine’s Presbytery, Avenham, Preston.

The press release states:

The spiritual life of the Sisters will be an invigorating support to the life of the Church in Preston, and indeed the whole Diocese of Lancaster.The Sisters’days will becentred around prayer -Holy Mass and the Divine Office in the extraordinary form, personal prayer and Eucharistic adoration in the evening, the Rosary, etc.

Punctuating this rich life of prayer are periods of manual labour and intellectual training, including instruction in Gregorian Chant, Latin, Spirituality, Philosophy, and Theology, as well as the learning of crafts such as sewing, lace-making, and the care of liturgical vestments and altar linens.

The announcement today comes as yet a further ecclesial investment into central Preston and is the fruit of a close collaboration of the Bishop of Lancaster, Rt Rev Michael G Campbell OSA and the Prior General of the Institute of Christ the King Sovereign Priest, Monsignor Gilles Wach,over the last three years.

Bishop Campbell upon making this announcement commented: “It’s a great joy for me to have the Sisters Adorers come into the Diocese,because I think it’s a great gift, not only to have such a strong and vibrant praying presence at the heart of Preston, but especially for the young women in our Diocese to see that some young women still choose this vocation, and that it can be a joyful and beautiful way to live one’s life.”

Bishop Campbell said he anticipates “an exciting collaboration” between the Sisters and the Priests of the Institute as well as with Father John Millar, Parochial Administrator of St John XXIII, Preston in support of the mission of the Church in central Preston.

Bishop Campbell concluded: “We remain very grateful for the historic communities who have served us so well in the Diocese over many years, and yet we are also so grateful for the new life that the newer communities -like the Sisters Adorers -bring to our future life in God.”


The ICKSP are opening their new school on 21st November, a really exciting development!

Meanwhile the FSSP, inspired by the example of their confreres in Preston, are also talking about opening a school (see their bulletin here).
Rorate Caeli has a summary of developments here.

It is really exciting to see these developments and I look forward to seeing how things progress in future. I know a number of Catholics who are being drawn to these centres for growth and it is a really exciting time for the Church in England and Wales, thanks to the vision and foresight of Bishops Campbell and Davies.

Michael Durnan, an ICKSP parishioner comments:
I know the the ICRSP's new school has created a lot of interest in other parts of the country with some parents considering moving to Preston.

The FSSP have also stated that people have moved from Wales and other places to be nearer their Shrine Church in Warrington. With them following the ICRSP with plans to open a school, this may also encourage others to move.

St. Walburge's in Preston has the former parish school buildings and former convent buildings which once housed a community of nuns that taught in the school.

The Sister Adorers will be based in the former presbytery of the now closed St. Augustine's parish church. I think the plan is they will eventually move into the refurbished convent buildings at St. Walburge's.

I took this photo from the spire of St. Ws. The building on the left of brick and stone is the Rectory where the Canons live and where the House of Discernment will be located. The stone building behind is the former parochial school and the brick and stone building on the right - near to the railway line - is the former convent.


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