Transgenderism In Schools: Guidance Needed

Following numerous posts on this blog and elsewhere regarding the scandal of the Catholic Education Service issuing guidelines for schools which carried a clear and blatantly anti-Catholic anthropology which they have admitted was copied directly from websites which support an LGBTQI lifestyle, a petition has been raised to ask for clear guidance from the bishops.

Please consider adding your name to this!

Caroline Farrow writes:

A number of concerned Catholic parents all over the country have been writing to me, expressing their worry that their child's Catholic school is embracing transgenderism and adopting an approach of validating children's gender dysphoria. As well as being a potentially devastating approach for the individual children experiencing this, it's also affecting other children who are being co-opted into accepting that gender is fluid and forced to share changing rooms and facilities. A petition has been launched to encourage the bishops to issue clear guidance which is congruent with Catholic teaching. Please consider signing.


For more information search #CESScandal


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