Rome Under Pope Francis: A Climate of Fear

This really is a must watch presentation. The premier English-language Vatican journalist, Edward Pentin of the National Catholic Register, offers a journalist’s objective evaluation of a climate of fear in Rome, the Synod on the Family, Amoris Laetitia, and the crisis in the Church during the reign of Pope Francis.

Pope Francis has "a disregard for absolutes and traditional teaching" says the respected journalist. The Pope is fermenting schism, preaching politics, and concerned most with power, although he genuinely believes he is doing the best for the Church.

Pentin here gives a factual catalogue of spurious interventions, manipulations, monitorings which continue to lead to a breakdown of trust in the Vatican where the behaviour is being reduced to that of a boarding school, to quote Cardinal Müller. Vatican officials have left or will soon leave as a result of the conditions, he has an account of one official who feels the Pope and the Bishops are "trying to destroy the Church". Some believe there is a deliberate ploy to try and diminish the Vatican and its' centralising power. Between 40 and 70 cardinals want a change at the top but feel powerless to act and so are waiting for the next conclave. Politicians and diplomats have been promoted under Pope Francis; men who put pragmatism and politics before the faith, man before God, the needs before the ends, the natural over the supernatural. There are also concerns over the development of a "parallel curia" by Pope Francis, who is setting up commissions which circumvent the curia. He suggests that Pope Francis is seeking to "Protestantise" the Church, which is why he is in open conflict with Cardinal Sarah, and seeks to praise Luther. Pentin constantly refers to a Hegelian dialectic replacing a Thomist foundation. Pentin gives examples of Pope Francis acting like a dictator, without any consultation, pushing through his vision for the Church in a unilateral manner. Pope Francis gives left-leaning publications interviews, but he hasn't given a single interview to a centrist or more conservative publication.

Perhaps the biggest question he poses in this talk in the light of the revelation of the mouthpieces used by Pope Francis, if the message is so right and true, why there is such a need to spin it?


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