Bishop O'Toole Supporting The Latin Mass

The Latin Mass Society advise:


2nd Sunday in Advent 10th December, Bishop Mark O'Toole will be attending the 11.30am Old Rite Latin Mass at St. Edward the Confessor, Peverell, Plymouth. He will be sitting in choir and giving the sermon.

The Mass will celebrate the 10th anniversary of Fr. Anthony Pillari’s ordination.

This is a wonderful occasion for the parish and for the diocese to see the Bishop showing support for the Latin Mass.

There will be a refreshments in the church hall afterward, and all welcome to attend. Do come along

If you want to know more about the parish and the Latin Mass read more here

Bishop Mark with myself in October

“while the new Mass can be celebrated in a reverent way that directs us to the transcendent, “there is nothing in the rule governing the way the Novus Ordo is to be said that ensures the centrality of the celebration of the Paschal mystery.” In other words, the new Mass can be celebrated validly but in a way that puts such an emphasis on community or sharing a meal that it can amount to “the virtual denial of a Catholic understanding of the Mass.” On the other hand, the indestructibility of the traditional Mass’s inherent meaning is what inspired one commentator to compare it to the old line about the U.S. Navy: “It’s a machine built by geniuses so it can be operated safely by idiots.”


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