Bonino & Pope Francis "Allies"

You may recall that, back in in 2016 Pope Francis praised Italian politico Emma Bonino as a “forgotten great” because of her work with refugees. This despite her abortion advocacy. In fact, between her abortion activism and being an abortionist herself, Bonino is directly or indirectly responsible for the deaths of roughly six million Italian babies between 1968 and today.
Today in the Guardian, a left-leaning news organisation in the UK, carries a piece on Bonino which ends in a particularly disturbing way.
In contrast to her fight with the Catholic church 40 years ago, Bonino can, these days, count on at least one ally: Pope Francis.
The two, she says with a grin, are in touch. “We have some connections, so we pass messages quite often, through friends.”
“Many love humanity only in order to forget God with a clear conscience.”

― Nicolás Gómez Dávila


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