Abortion defeated in Argentina!

Argentina's senate has rejected a bill which would have legalised abortion in the first 14 weeks of pregnancy.

After a marathon debate, 38 senators voted against it and 31 in favour. Its defeat means lawmakers must wait until next year to resubmit legislation.

Currently abortion is allowed in Argentina only in cases of rape, or if the mother's health is in danger.

Pro-abortion supporters react to failure in as extreme a manner as the Irish did to success. In Argentina they have responded to defeat with violence and burned the place down.

This victory for those who reject the legality of abortion has international moral importance. It says not everyone agrees with the steam-roller of social consensus about this issue.

Most interesting is the clear BBC bias on abortion - it is definitely one of their shibboleths against which they will have no dissent. No balance. No counterpoint. Instead they paint those who oppose the bill - which has democratically been voted down - as religious fundamentalists and enemies of progress, while holding up those who support the bill as enlightened. Note the way this report simply portrays the defeat as a delay rather than a rejection. The defeat means that those seeking to impose abortion on Argentina will merely have to wait 12 months to see their plans come to fruition. There is no question that the introduction of abortion is a matter of mere "progress".

In reality, this is where we are:

These people Do not want you to confuse their programme of social engineering with facts or science! In this video TD Kate O'Connell states that there's no baby involved in a pregnancy.

This is the culture war in which pro-lifers have the science and the logic on our side, but very few have the courage to stand up and engage with the dominant pro-abort culture. This is the role of bishops, to be that voice of reason, to be in the public eye, not for crisis of abuse and cover up, but because they are the men capable of standing up with politicians and intellectuals and arguing for the sanctity of life.

I am grateful for the wisdom & courage of lay people like David Alton, John Smeaton, Clare McCullough, Peter D. Williams, Clare Margaret Therese, Caroline Farrow, Clare Plasom-Scott who dedicate their lives to this vital cultural & spiritual battle.

Thank God for the Bishops of Argentina who did speak. Pray for the people who vehemently support abortion because win or lose they behave like people possessed.


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