Rainbow Crosses?

Part of me is saying that this is a kind of a trap, but it is worth noting anyway, I'll tell you why. I'm being told this represents something called the Cursillo Apostolate (never heard of that before). The Vatican are saying it's the cross of World Youth Day and the colours symbolise the different countries?
A friend said today that the colours are not in the correct order for the gay rainbow and that it could be a ruse chosen to discredit people: "See how paranoid these people are, it isn't even in the correct order".

The thing is -- of course this will worry us given we are drowning in LGBT at the moment and every other address at the Youth Synod seems to be another attempt to push LGBT ideology into the Church. E.G. here's today's dose:
Does it really matter what it really, actually means? What is crystal clear is how it will be read. Another friend commented:
"There’s just lots of ambiguous signs that he supports it and also lots and lots of friendly meetings towards people with that agenda, even allowing them to present at the synod on the family and then making statements against people who try to support traditional marriage."
I think this tweet from Steve Skojec makes the point really well: 


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