Cafod - Catholic In Name Only

Yesterday Cafod (the Catholic Agency For Overseas Development) announced that they had appointed a new director. Christine Allen, currently director of policy and public affairs at Christian Aid will take over as director in the spring.

Cafod is the official aid agency for the Church in England and Wales and this appointment is apposite as it provides a very clear window into the minds of the bishops. At least they are consistent.

For the past 30 years the clearest message they've taught us is that they are actually rather supportive of active homosexuality, not even slightly bothered about the use of contraception, aren't particularly fussed about abortion. Catholicity isn't relevent to them and they are A-OK with our children being indoctrinated and sexualised by the secular, Atheistic agenda.

This new appointment will do nothing to convince believing Catholics that Cafod can be trusted.

In fact, Cafod was forced to defend Allen’s suitability for the role after concerns were raised about her past record. In 2002, Progressio, the charity Allen led, endorsed the use of condoms in HIV prevention. Four years later, in an article for Chartist magazine, Allen criticised Catholic teaching on contraception, which she said “simply doesn’t stack up when it comes to HIV”. The contest between supporters and opponents of Church teaching, Allen, said, was fundamental: “The battle between these factions is about the very nature of church.”

(If you feel inclined to agree with Allen, you might find these facts rather interesting).

Allen also seems to oppose Church teaching on homosexuality: she has liked tweets in favour of redefining marriage, including one which described the Episcopalian Church’s acceptance of same-sex marriage as “Progress”.

Asked whether her views were compatible with leading a Catholic agency, and whether she thought abortion was always wrong, Allen told the Catholic Herald: “I understand the expectations on me in this role, and my commitment to Catholic teaching is undimmed.” Eh? That doesn't even make any sense!

John Smeaton, chief executive of the Society for the Protection of Unborn Children, said: “This is a surprising appointment to say the least. Progressio, the international charity led by Christine Allen for 11 years, has a simply appalling record on matters relating to the Catholic Church and Catholic teaching.”

Smeaton observed that, during Allen’s tenure, Progressio partnered with two organisations (COMUS and Fundacion Puntos de Encuentro) which have joined a campaign to remove the Church’s status as a UN Permanent Observer.

Bishop "Jihadi" John Arnold, chair of Cafod’s trustees, whose Catholic credentials are a disgrace,  reinforced his reputation when he praised Allen’s “vision, energy, and deep-rooted faith and commitment to Catholic values”.  ROTFL!!!!


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