Cardinal Napier launches an unprovoked attack on Raymond Arroyo of EWTN

Today there's been a bit of a Twitter Storm (when isn't there if we're honest) about this Tweet from Cardinal Napier:
It is widely rumoured that there is a bit of a campaign against Arroyo, who has been reporting goings on at the Vatican in a very clear, straight-forward way, without any gloss whatsoever.

Cardinal Napier is known for being rigorist in defending Pope Francis. He tends to take a legalistic approach and demands specific evidence. This in direct contrast to this particular Tweet attacking Arroyo, which offers no evidence and seems plainly political in its motivation. Could this be anything other than bare-faced careerism? One only needs to scroll through the Cardinal's Twitter feed to be quite shocked by he contrast between his Arroyo Tweet and this for instance:
Perhaps he needs to take his own advice?
In fact, this uncharitable, misspelt attack on a man who, whatever else you think of him, is clearly a loyal son of the Church, is really quite shocking. How hurt Arroyo must feel to be attacked from such a position of power for telling the truth?

It also demonstrates the current culture in the Church, where even the Prince's of the Church seem happy to take to Twitter to attack & culumate anyone who is critical of the modernising agenda. This is a position which appears to be completely blind to the maelstrom engulfing the world-wide Church at the moment or the confusion that Pope Francis brings with almost every pronouncement.

The situation is extraordinary.

The Catholic Church throughout time purports to teach the Catholic faith, Catholics who care and have educated themselves about that faith: Catholics who believe it, have now become the enemy, to be publicly slandered and attacked for reporting realities created by the bishops and cardinals.

Priests, bishops and even cardinals spout heretical positions on a daily basis and no one even bats an eye. One would think the Cardinal's energy would be better spent defending the Church for these attackers? Sadly, it seems the faithful are the real problem in the Catholic Church today it appears.

The way things are is summed up in the way I feel much more confident in Raymond Arroyo's integrity than Cardinal Napier's, sadly.

Perhaps Canon Lawyer Ed Peters dealt best with Cardinal Napier:


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