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There's a lot of news surrounding the Cardinal Pell case. I've had a lot of feed back from my post yesterday and I will try and update readers as I find out important news.

Journalist Edward Pentin has shared this important video of Cardinal George Pell being interviewed by police before his trial, during which the allegations a jury later found him guilty of are put to him. This should be seen during his appeal hearing if it hasn’t been seen already.

The allegations against Cardinal Pell are clearly absurd as this video demonstrates. The Cardinal is clearly absolutely confident that the inherent absurdity will be on display for all to see in court. How then did he come to be convicted? This video exposes Victoria police as having conducted a malicious prosecution against Cardinal Pell, they asked victims to come forward in 2015. An investigation looking for a crime!

*WARNING* Some explicit content — viewer discretion advised.

The Daily Mail has an article which shows how what Pell is accused of is pure impossible fiction:

Meanwhile, the likelihood of the success of Pell's appeal looks increasingly likely and appears to be expected by many who understand the Australian legal system:
I thought this comment shed important light on the case:

"Juries don't need much persuasion that Catholic priests are no good"

Another comment I read about the trial:
" amount of evidence made any difference at all. Every single witness, 24-odd of them, either contradicted, or completely failed to support the complainant's series of stories [re the supposed place and times of the supposed crimes], which were repeatedly changed as facts emerged to successively destroy them. The prosecution was reduced to saying that the witnesses couldn't prove that the crimes were impossible [which is an absurd tactic, but is what the prosecution actually did because it had not a single fact or evidence in its favour. And the treatment of the complainant is conducted as if the 30 YO is a vulnerable and possibly fagile and intimidated minor, so there is no opportunity to test the character of historical veracity of the complainant. And the complainant did not front court, but only anonymously "appeared" by video link, with the public even excluded from hearing his serial "testimonies". In this environment, no amount of photographs would change the tactics of the prosecution, nor the emotional susceptibilities of the jury."
This is backed up by this with a source:
Pell's Barrister cause a great deal of concern among some Pell supporters at the bail hearing with these awful comments for which he has now apologised.

In fact the way these comments were reported are a misinterpretation which take them out of context see the Catholic Herald's explanation here. Part of the confusion appears to have arisen because you can't comment on guilt in a sentencing submission; you can only attempt to convince the judge of where the offence as proven sits on the scale. Therefore these comments were not any sort of admission.

My comments today

What this trial demonstrates is what we will see everywhere soon enough - persecution of Christians for their beliefs. This populist movement has been given great impetus by the abuse scandals which are rolling through the media endlessly at the moment.

The Catholic Church has totally abdicated her moral authority, the vast majority of priests, bishops and cardinals have become custodians of a religion which is frightened of its' own teachings and no longer prepared to defend them. This is amply demonstrated in this recent survey, which shows 89% of Catholics who attend the ordinary form of the Mass think the Church is wrong about contraception, 51% approve of abortion, 22% attend Mass every week. We have lost the battle even inside our own institution! Those outside of the Church see us as even more ridiculous, and now, ultimately, some sort of international crime ring!
Still, many in the Church consider the best way forward is to capitulate to the secular agenda. YOU WILL END UP IN PRISON! Now is the time to fight! If you believe the Church has anything valuable to say about the human condition, now is the time to take that argument out into the public sphere and have it! Now is the time to preach that message from the pulpit so that the people WAKE UP!

If we do not do it, we will be swallowed up and end up as recusants. A faithful remnant meeting in secret as it was just a few hundred years ago in this country.

Cardinal George Pell is a man prepared to have the arguments. Please pray for him now.

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  1. Agreed, good points. Cdl Pell may have been chosen as a kind of front man for the defense of the faith rather than simply as a victim of the post-Christian era. We'll see. The world offers nothing but nihilism to people today, who are lost and flailing. We should consider what Christianity offers and try to help others find it, despite the complete rejection of it by our churchmen.


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