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I think this interview between Michael Voris & Patrick Coffin is a must watch because it gives a "real" reaction to what is going on in the Church from two people who are "inside" in that they watch and investigate and report on it every day. Some really important insights.

I don't think things are this bad here in the UK if I'm honest. I do believe there is a demonic influence in the episcopacy in the US; the degree of abuse, collusion & cover-up that has gone on is more than could be possible under a gang of well-meaning but bungling bishops, there's some darker genius driving it and you can see how it links up.

Here I honestly believe it is ineptitude and fear. The bishops are terrified of prosecution by the authorities, they're terrified of the laity and public finding out about the cover-ups that have gone on over the years and they are content to be concerned and preoccupied with their own petty concerns and not to look at the bigger picture.

If there is demonic influence it is in the destruction of virtue - the desire of clergy for the secular - which in my experience is born of a desire or an attempt to appear "normal". Thing is, the priesthood is not normal, it is supernatural, or it is social work.

Priests today seem to be shocked by Catholics who want to be Catholic; who seek to develop and pursue a life of virtue. Mixing with clergy is often trouble for faithful Catholics because priests seem to want to be "naughty" to show laity just how "normal" they are. Priests are raised in the culture, they are products of the culture so it's not that surprising given what we experience in the secular culture all around us. The question is, how do we convince these men to be Fathers? How do we convince our Bishops to be leaders and teachers? The answer lies in God's providence. As Voris says, all we can do is stand against the poison because it is not of God!


  1. Thanks for this, Mark.

    I have been to two conferences with Mr. Voris and have been interviewed by Mr. Coffin. They are both fine Catholic gentlemen.

  2. I truly believe the devil has been at work since before the formation of our precious Catholic Church. In the US it has manifested primarily in sexual and fiscal abuse. The same thing is going on in Rome and I would be willing to be money there isn't a diocese without abuse of some kind. We as Catholics have seen the underbelly of the beast but we haven't seen it all yet. Priests traded in being spiritual fatherhood for having a career.


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