Catholicism in Ireland

Fr. Declan from Derry tweeted this this morning:
I honestly thought it was a mickey take. No Catholic could be this wrong, surely? So I looked it up on Facebook. You can too. I took a screenshot, incredulous:

This must be a parody account? I checked out the "about" page. Seems legit. The profile pic is the Bishop of Limerick Brendan Leahy who also features on the FB page, which is very Pope Francis (which make sense).

Not surprising Ireland is in so much trouble!

One thing's for sure, if the Bishop was condemning homosexual acts or advocating the old Mass, you can bet Archbishop Martin would be down on him like a ton of bricks. A huge part of the problem across the world is that the sort of propagation of misinformation, supplanting the Catholic faith with some kind of superstitious mysticism, pantheism or world-religion, is completely acceptable, even here on a diocesan page. Frankly Bishop Brendan Leahy should be ashamed he took such little care as to let this happen.


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