Enough said:


  1. uh boy. So much wrong, so much wrong. Men who are attracted to the priesthood for all the wrong reasons. These flamers make the worst priests. I remember one well in our parish, he ran the "AIDS ministry" and drove a convertible sports car and wore civvies. I approached him one day when we had a family crisis. You never saw such dead eyes. He was totally disinterested. What do you expect when you have men who join the Gay Boys Club for the travel and dining and all the rent boys you can get. Not to mention foreign boys too!
    God deliver us from such men.

  2. Of course this is silly, as the papal galero is red, as the four previous popes show:

    John Paul II:

    Paul VI:

    John XXIII:

    Although John XXIII DID actually have a white one:


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