An outrage either way

John Henry Weston of Lifesite News gives his appraisal of the Vatican's pagan garden party:


  1. Thank you so much and God bless you for all you are doing for Our Lord and the faith. You have a terrific way of communicating things clearly, which is a gift from God.
    As identified by an expert, this was a pagan ceremony and our pope presided over it.
    A pagan ceremony on sacred ground (the nearby bones of St. Peter), and the center of Christendom. The pope presides over it and even blesses the ceremony and receives the idols. Witnessed by apostate Cardinals present.

    A woman in a revealing outfit who danced in a nearby Catholic church dances down the aisle holding aloft the holy Word of God, is then lifted by the people present onto a litter at the ALTAR, with the Blessed Sacrament and crucifix of Christ present as well. This presents to the faithful the image of the rebellious Hebrews who crafted the golden calf when Moses was on Mt. Sinai. Here "Mother Earth" is represented by a young, fertile woman, which is revered in Amazonian pagan rites, who worship menstrual blood and fertility, which is why the uterus of the idols used are blood red.
    Those certainly were not Our Lady and St. Elizabeth, that idea strains credulity to the maximum, indeed there is no reason to even think it except a desperate attempt to deny the obvious. No one presents Our Lady in that manner, and the red uterus make it clear who these are not. Their identities were confirmed by experts.

    A photograph posted in nearby St. Transportina, of the inversion of Rome's founders, always associated with the creation of Rome, Romulus and Remus, is posted with pointed arrows toward the image of a nude mother with a baby at the breast, also nursing a creature, which appears to be a small dog. Bestiality has now made it's appearance in a Catholic church in Rome.

    We hear now female deacons have been in training for some time, confirming the fact this was Bergolio's plan all along, and "dialogue" is nothing but a sham and a pretense put up by an evil man intent on doing what is not allowed in Catholicism, now female deacons, next year female priests, and of course married priests. This year perhaps married to women, next year married to men.

    We now hear the pope does not hold that Christ as a man was divine. We have seen the talks with Scalfari result in exactly what he had reported previously, and since Jesuits often hold that Jesus was "just a man", it is entirely plausible this is exactly what Bergolio thinks and what he said. The half-denial from the Vatican is just another abuse from a disgusting cabal of sadistic, evil men infesting the church.

    If this is not the abomination of desolation, it is hard to imagine what would be, although one supposes it could always get worse. In fact, many faithful Catholics perceive it is going to get decidedly worse and perhaps very soon, because God has spoken of this very situation and made it clear what would happen should we arrive where we are.
    May God have mercy on us and help us, amen.


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